i am  LOVE

Self love and self care go hand in hand.  We can not give to others until we give to ourselves first.

i am PEACE

Our body is our temple.  Not worrying about toxic ingredients in our beauty products is peace of mind.


Our soul shines brightly and our skin glows from within.  Fully expressing our true selves is bliss.


Beauty is an inside job.  So let’s drink lots of fresh water, minimize stress, and eat clean as we exercise to our heart’s content.  Amazing organic skin care is just the sugar-free icing on the gluten-free cake.

i am AZUHA

Where handmade organic beauty products and conscious living coexist.

About Dawn Michelle

A wife, mother, artist, founder of the conscious living blog Minimalist Beauty, and pure lover of life.  What began as a minimalist lifestyle journey blossomed into passionate DIY beauty innovation.   AZUHA has been years in the making, and a love filled adventure.